We take an opportunity to present this text book on “Visual programming 6.0” to the students of BSc graduates of the university .Simple, user‐friendly and well‐written, this book is designed for those who are learning Visual Basic for the first time. This book guides readers through the steps involved in creating a simple application and covers various issues such as Interface Design, Database Design, Distributing an Application, etc.

The book uses plain and lucid language to explain fundamentals of the subject. Each chapter is supported with necessary illustrations, practical examples. All care has been taken to make students comfortable in understanding the basic concepts of the subject.

The book not only covers the entire scope of the subject but explains the philosophy of the subject. This makes the understanding of this subject clearer and makes it more interesting. This book is suitable for any computer science students.


  1. Introduction to VB
  2. Controls
  3. Variables ,Constants and Calculation
  4. Decisions and Conditions
  5. Modular Programming
  6. Forms Handling
  7. Iteration Handling
  8. Arrays
  9. Database Connectivity
  10. Advanced topics in VB

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