We take an opportunity to present this text book on “Elements of Scripting Language” to the students of BSc graduates of the university .Web programming is about more than creating and formatting webpages and websites, though that is often a starting point for many. Using scripting languages such as JavaScript, it becomes possible to add a lot more functionality to a site. This book teaches the essentials of working with the most important web technologies. From client development using HTML and Javascript, through to full server side applications.

 The book uses plain and lucid language to explain fundamentals of the subject. Each chapter is supported with necessary illustrations, practical examples. All the chapters in the book are arranged in a proper sequence that permits each topic to build upon earlier studies of this. All care has been taken to make students comfortable in understanding the basic concepts of the subject.


Unit I

HTML, Browsers and their types, URL’s, web sites, Domain Names, static and dynamic sites and active web pages, Files Creation, Web Server, Web Client/Browser Hyper Text Markup Language, HTML Tags, Paired Tags, Commonly used HTML Commands Titles and Footers, Paragraph Breaks, Line Breaks, Heading Styles, Drawing Lines, Text Styles, Other Text Effects, Indenting Text, Lists, Types of Lists.

Unit II

Using the Border attribute, Using the Width and Height Attribute, Using the Align Attribute, Tables – Header, Data rows, The Caption Tag, Attributes – Width and Border, BGCOLOR, COLSPAN, ROWSPAN, External Document References, Internal Document References, Images as Hyperlinks, Introduction to Frames, tag, <FRAME> tag. DHTML Introduction, use and its elements, Cascading Style Sheets – Introduction, Using Inline Styles, Sample Examples, Defining Your Own Styles, Properties in Values in Styles, A worked example, Formatting Blocks of Information, Layers, Embedded Style Sheets, Linking external sheets.

Unit III

JavaScript, Advantages, JavaScript Syntax, Data Types and Literal, Type Casting, Variables, Incorporating variables in a Script, Array, Operators and Expressions, Arithmetic Operators, Logical Operators, Comparison Operators, String Operators, Assignment Operators, Conditional Expression, Ternary and Special Operators

JavaScript Programming Constructs, If – then – else, Immediate If, For Loop, Built-in Functions, User Defined functions, Declaring functions, Place of Declaration, Passing Parameters, Variable Scope, Return Values, Recursive Functions, Placing text in a Browser, Dialog Boxes – Alert dialog box, Prompt dialog box, Confirm dialog box.

Unit IV

The Form Object, The Form Object’s Methods, Text Element, Password Element, Button Element, Submit Button Element, Reset Button Element, Checkbox Element, Radio Element, Text Area Element, Select and Option Element, Multi Choice Select Lists Element, Form Validations using JavaScript.

Built-In Objects in JavaScript – String, Math, Date Object, Creating a User Defined Object.

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