We take an opportunity to present this text book on “Database Management System” to the students of BSc graduates of the university. The objective of  this book is to present the subject matter in a most concise, compact, to the point and lucid manner.

            This book aims at clarifying and explaining the fundamental concepts of designing and implementing databases which is helpful throughout the life time as a student and professional.

            Extensive examples are provided at the end of the book which helps to develop the skills of database application design and implementation. Without normalization database is no of use. This book clears the concept and enhances the ability of designing normalization database.

            Any suggestions for improving the content shall be gratefully received and highly appreciated.


  1. Introduction to database
  2. Introduction to the Relational Model
  3. Database Design and the E-R Model
  4. Relational Database Design
  5. Database System Architectures
  6. Introduction to SQL
  7. Intermediate SQL
  8. Advanced SQL

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